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Our secondary goal at (Questions)AboutPapers is to develop, serve, and maintain the central repository for Q&A regarding research papers, as well as (after-publication) corrections and supplementation. Our primary goal is to benefit humanity by increasing the efficiency and accessibility of scholarly research.

For more info on our goals and philosophy, please see our FAQ or the meta forum.

Development Phase, Invitations, and Allowed Email Domains

Soon we'll accept anyone who wants to join. As we're a small team working on this project in our free time, we've decided to temporarily mitigate the dangers of the wild world wide web by restricting to invited users as well as those with .edu (and other academic and institutional) emails, i.e. emails that can't be easily generated by a bad actor. Furthermore, any current user with such a verified email, can invite anyone else they please. Again, this will be relaxed quite soon.

We consider the current site to be in its alpha merge of development. Expect glitches, and please consider reporting them using the methods mentioned below.

Support, Feature Requests, and Bug Reporting

For most such concerns, please post on meta.aboutpapers.com. If the concern is security-related (or otherwise sensitive), please email us at support@aboutpapers.com.

How to donate

Donate with PayPal.

Which Domain: aboutpapers.com or questionsaboutpapers.com?

Use either. One is shorter and the other is more descriptive. They both point to the same place.

Who created and who maintains this site?

This site was created and is maintained by those listed here, along with help from several other folks who donated time to this site's creation. Credit also goes to the creators of biostars.org, where much of our codebase was originally forked from, and also to the many other open-source libraries we use. Additionally, we want to give a special thanks to all those who participated in the "Community Review" forums we held in the early days of this project's development -- without your encouragement and positive feedback, this site may have never made it to launch.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Use this site at your own risk. We don't sell your data, and we'll try to keep it safe, but we take no responsibility if anything goes wrong. If you've agreed to allow us (through the cookie banner), we do use Google Analytics and thus we some information is collected by Google's scripts for this purpose. For more information, see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


All content on (Questions)AboutPapers is available for public use under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

This license requires that you attribute the information you find here either to the author and/or to the site, depending on the scope and presentation of the information.

Our community supports the fair use policy when it comes to content created by users of this site.


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