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Our secondary goal at inquire.pub is to develop, serve, and maintain the central repository for Q&A regarding research papers. Our primary goal is to benefit humanity by increasing the efficiency and accessibility of scholarly research.

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This site was created and is maintained by those listed here, along with help from several other folks who donated time to this site's creation. Credit also goes to the creators of biostars.org, where this much of our codebase was originally forked from, and also to the many other open-source libraries we use.


To contact the site managers please email support@inquire.pub


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All content on Inquire is licensed via the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

This license requires that you attribute the information you find here either to the author and/or to the site, depending on the scope and presentation of the information.

Our community supports the fair use policy when it comes to content created by users of this site.

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Currently our github is private but if you would like to contribute or have a bug to report please email us at support@inquire.pub

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